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C++ developers needed for an amazing TV platform

YouView are looking for a experienced software engineer to join their Set Top Box software engineering team.

This team is responsible for designing and delivering the software and services that power the user experience on all YouView devices.

The role provides the opportunity to work on various aspects of the software stack, and involves working with other delivery teams, and external partners, to produce integrated software solutions.

We're looking for highly-motivated people with strong problem-solving skills, and a passion for technology. Excellent communication skills and an ability to work closely with others are essential. Candidates must enjoy working in a team environment, but also be capable of tackling problems individually.

A commitment to delivering quality software is crucial, as is a strong understanding of the development practices that contribute to software quality (unit testing, test-driven development, version control, continuous integration, code and design review, etc.).


Successful applicants will have at least 3 yrs software engineering experience, obtained in a commercial environment.

Strong C++ and Linux skills are required. Additionally, candidates should also be proficient in at least one of the following programming languages:

Bash Python Java

Experience in any of the following technologies and software is also highly desirable:

Boost Git GDB GNU Binutils
GNU Make GNU Autotools DirectFB DBus
GStreamer XML HTTP/cURL Embedded systems
Actionscript OpenSSL SQL DVB

Mail me on Graham.major@youview.com

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