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LFG: 2 mid-sized projects for XP

Hey All,

Long time reader, first time poster.

I wanted to reach out to anyone interested in joining 1 or both of my mid-size projects.
These projects are purely for experience points.
One of these projects is currently in use in a service providers production environment
(as an open source solution).

I started these projects when I decided to re-learn C++ after the 2011 standard. I've learned
a ton along the way. Seeing a few posters seeking experience prompted me to share this info.

If interested feel free to g+ me. We can setup a hangout if you are curious about more details.
I'd enjoy sharing the learning experience I had with these projects.

Add me on Google+: aaron.hebert@gmail.com. We will be using video chat for ad-hoc SCRUM weekly, possibly on Sundays. If you do not want to video chat then just turn off your webcam. Availability for voice chat is a minimum requirement.

Project #1:
name: Flowlab BGP Looking Glass
status: version 1
platform: Linux 64Bit
description: BGP looking glass with historical IP prefix attribute tracking
github: https://github.com/flowlab-bgp/flowlab_bgp_lg
git: https://github.com/flowlab-bgp/flowlab_bgp_lg.git
experience to be gained: Border Gateway Protocol, IPv4/v6, TCP/IP sockets, concurrency, big data

This next one is just starting, and is derived from the Pascal interpreter in
Ronald Mak's book: http://books.google.com/books/about/Writing_compilers_and_interpreters.html?id=97dQAAAAMAAJ
I know, I know, "why re-invent the wheel!". Because you'll never learn if you don't try!

name: Cx-lang
status: in development
platform: OSX, Linux, Windows (32/64bit)
description: Scripting language intending to be a cross between
a subset of C++ and Erlang, e.g. generic scripting with
concurrency built in. That is, the syntax of C++ with useful
features and types from Erlang.
github: https://github.com/Cx-lang/Cx
git: https://github.com/Cx-lang/Cx.git
experience to be gained: scanning, parsing, language design
nice to know but not required: x86 assembly (JIT compilers)

Please read https://github.com/Cx-lang/Cx#getting-involved to get started.
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im posting on this just to refer to in my topics
I'm interesting in the second project. You can contact me
e-mail : mega_unknown@hotmail.com
@mega0unknown great! There seems to more interest in Cx.

I'm leaving the USA for about 3 weeks at which time I will not have internet. We are planning to have this project officially kick off around that time.

Please contact me via Google+ so that I may add you to the hangout so that you may receive notifications.
May I get your Google+ profile name or your Gmail.
@mega0unknown Reading is a very basic skill that I highly recommend you learn :)
OP wrote:
Me on Google+: aaron.hebert@gmail.com
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@Script Coder
I've added you on Google+ . Feel free to send me whatever to read to my e-mail.
Dude you did not add me, you added: Aaron Hebert. You really need to learn to read with understanding. I am not trying to be mean, but this is the second time you have not correctly read/interpreted a post correctly or fully.
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Hahahahaha. It happens ppl just skip and only read first 2 letters and what their looking for hhahahaha.... :D also I'm not trying to be mean...I haven't read call of the ops post myself :D
@Script Coder
thank you Aaron Herbert . I looking forward to reply to your email.

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