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tilesets for game. (Non profit for maker) or tiles

I will give someone who does this credit for the tilesets on my company website and when the game is made in the description, I want someone to make me tilesets for a game I am working on, please no stupid anwsers, you will not get paid but you will get credit for it, respond asap!
I really need help with this please someone help! Thanks
I think anyone interested in making tilesets would both want and need to know a little more about the game. What kind of game is it? Do you have a link to your website?
@Zhuge, heres the website the one we are making first is the 2d shooter, http://www.elitegamesindustries.webs.com tell me if you are intrested in doing it.
It really gives people no info.

It'd be cooler if you told us is it going to be arcade styled, what the theme is, etc.
Well its kinda hard to say what the theme is but, well its kinda like Halo 4/Halo Reach thats what im conparing it to, but the campaign mode is not like Halo what so ever. So could someone do that?
remember the game is 2d so all you can move is left, right, crouch, and jump.
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I'm surprised that a game development company is asking strangers on the internet to design assets for their game(s). Does your company even have a graphics designer? If your graphics designer can't draw a few simple tiles then s/he needs to be replaced with someone who can.

In any case, you can find some tiles here: http://www.lostgarden.com/2006/07/more-free-game-graphics.html

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I was wondering the same thing Framework according to their website it says they even have a Artist working for them (Along with 4 other team members). What is the point of having a artist working for you if you don't use him/her?

I would be careful with this one. Seems like either a kid playing at owning a company or who knows what. I would definitely ask to see what they have produced so far on the project before I would commit any considerable time to the tilesets and whatever else they request. Because all that hard work could be for nothing.
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Zereo wrote:
Because all that hard work could be for nothing.

It already is for nothing. :P
EliteGamesIndustries wrote:
you will not get paid
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Well in a financial sense ya but I know a lot of artists will do free work just so when the game releases they get reconized for thier work. Though if it never releases they don't even get that :(. Which is why I wouldn't mind do work for free I just have to be sure there is a dedicated team working on it and they at least have a prototype. Though even then there is a chance the project will fall apart but its better then nothing.
Zereo wrote:
Seems like either a kid playing at owning a company

I immediately pegged it as this based on previous posts by this user.
please no stupid anwsers

How could we give anything other than stupid answers to a stupid request?
Yea I figured he is. I'm sure we were all once ignorant like him/her.

Anyway, just attempt to draw random stuff. That's how I got *decent* at pixel art. Just make a game to fit your artistic ability. Maybe you can make a shooter with boxes?
You only have 2 production members and a manager for a dev-team? If you're not using any programmers does that mean you're just using some sort of engine, that's both iOS and Andriod? And if not then why are they uncredited :C?

Also if it is only for Andriod and iOS how do you plan on making it online multiplayer? are you going to host the servers your self or just have it be local multiplayer between devices with one device acting as a host?
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I have a feeling these are just little kids trying to start a business.

They probably aren't familiar with all this. (If you're planning on iOS dev, drop C++ and go for Objective C)
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