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Get outsourcing, outsource (. Net, C + +) With software development experience with the language. Net (C #, Vb.net, C + +).

We have established links and group software development, outsourcing outsource the project to receive bug fixes, the game
Check writing software applications as required:
Inventory Management, staff, cafe
Process operations, revenue and expenditure budget ....
Outsource processing, bug fix game
reasonable prices, affordable, process development, warranty, maintenance, product upgrades
min: 10USD/hr
max: also depends on how big and special software required
Product warranty goes to 6 months, 6 months maintenance for a discount.
Responsible for software upgrades indefinitely relationship interruption packaging
Get to contract online, phone, direct!
(As most of the group has been working. Should preferably LH time: 18h-24h
With us, you will always pleased with the service and product quality.
Skype: teamgtechsolution
Mail: teamgtechsolution@gmail.com
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