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I wrote:
Actually, you should almost never make variables public. It's bad practice.

If you were going to do that, might as well just use a struct.

Usually people are making interfaces.
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:L thats not true. there are plenty of people who dont make their code public so they have no need to make an interface for easy use for other people. ie the place im interning at does that
Lumpkin wrote:
It's bad practice.

That depends on what you are coding, and whether it is open or closed source.
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^This. That's what I meant.

But he's probably going to be sending it to some sort of team, and it's always safe to assume they use that style, as many people do from the source examples I looked at.
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i agree that he should be using an interface, you had just said thats usually the case and i was just informing you that its actually not. but yes, use getters and setters here
Btw who are you talking about :D
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fred aka lumpkin
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