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LONDON: C/C++ required for VoIP Software Project

Job descriptions:

We are a London based company that in urgent need of 2 C/C++ graduate / software programmers for a minimum 6 months contract with high possibility of extending to start ASAP.

Essential Skills:

• C/C++ programmer with solid coding experience using STL, WinAPI, and Multithreading. Must be fluent with pointers, dynamic memory, and string parsing.
• Strong OOP background and familiar with full application development lifecycle for commercial software products.
• Some debugging experience and ability to analyze problems and identify solutions with minimal direction.
• Able to work well individually as well as part of a team

Desirables Skills:

• VoIP protocols (SIP, RTP) development or system design experience
hi, do you need a work permit for this job? this is a perfect match for me [voip and c++] as an eight-year experienced developer, but i am currently living in istanbul.
Is the job also remote?

I will shortly be available for contract work after completing a contract working and developing VOIP technologies based upon SIP/ RTP and other signalling protocols such as Skinny and Avaya + other, using STL/boost WinAPI and multithreading with and some Linux.

If you are interested I can send you my CV.

I am based near Gatwick.

Warm Regards
Simon Price

Thank you all for your interest, unfortunately this job is only available in our London-based office.

Simon: Yes, contract work is also a possible option. Please send your CV to us at my private e-mail: hoanguel at yahoo.com and we will contact you. Thank you!
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