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I Need a C++ programer to help me code

the Full story is that i suck at coding, i have just begun studying C++, i am making a mod for a old game. i am looking for someone who is not worried about money and likes programing for fun, i am very tight with money.
and have been trying for like a year now, my profile says stuff, but that is something i'm doing alone.

Thanks a million
Best regards

P.S Admin
if this is not the right board please move it Thanks
I'm willing to contribute
contact me mega_unknown@hotmail.com

Mohamed Sherif
I don't think you should worry about programming mods before you know the basics.
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hes asking us to know it. and most tutorials i use (especially udacity) teach you basics from the ground up to an end goal. for example cs 101 teaches you the basics of python and builds you all the way up to the ability to make a web crawler. its very important to know ur end goal because its going to change what you learn
Lumpkin wrote:
I don't think you should worry about programming mods before you know the basics.

Wrong! Most programmers even tell you to do mods as they are usually easier to learn to do than learning a language to make your own games. Doing mods is usually way easier than learning C++. Skyrim is, I believe the most modded game right now. The tools are free, Windows only, and usually have tuts to follow to use them. Minecraft is moddable, but it is so that you have to know Java to even be able to mod it.

Mods aren't that different from using Game Maker or such where the tools do most of the work for you. There are tons of other moddable games out that, just have to search for them. I just used the most popular I've seen recently.
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What good are C++ tools mods when you don't even know basic data types?
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we never said dont learn that. me and bhx were responding to
I don't think you should worry about programming mods before you know the basics.
(or at least i was) and we gave the reasons as to why one should "worry" about an end goal
None, because most mod tools usually require a C++-esque or Python-esque language that is usually easy to learn (in a lot of cases easier to learn than the actual languages). Mod tools usually require minimal programming to do it, the Skyrim modding that I mentioned earlier, if I remember right, requires no programming or very little ( http://j-u-i-c-e.hubpages.com/hub/skyrim_creation_kit ).

I used to do Fallout 3 mods for fun, and I added bunker tests all over FO3 without ever doing a single line of code. This is why mods are recommended before learning a language because most mods don't have heavy programming required, but rather light simple to use requirements or none at all.
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Hey, while I am willing to help, your profile seems a bit sketchy: You are only 14 and you are the CEO of something (yes I know it is possible, just very rare).
Also, do you want someone who will help you code, or do it for you? I ask because you mention you have some programming knowledge.
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its ok hes legit. you need proof? hes ceo and chairman
I never even looked at his profile. I have my own online company, and while it is mine, I don't say I'm CEO, just Creator and Programmer for it. I will never understand peoples need to sound important. Though, I don't even have that on my profile. The way I feel, saying and bragging you are creator/ceo/chairman of some company that has yet to publish something (like mine) is the equivalent of saying "I'm ruler of the world in my own mind". Not much point to it.
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