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【SIEMENS】 Looking For C++ Lead Engineer

C++ Lead Engineer:

Job Description:
This position is responsible for creating new software or modifying existing software with the
goal of producing an efficient, reliable and easy-to-maintain product. This profession is
extremely customer-focused, and they often communicate with customers throughout the
development process to ensure the end product meets expectations.
The candidates collaborate with and may supervise other programmers, also test and modify
software to fix any malfunctions.

Research & Consulting on one of following fields:
- Design and implement a product of ESB or other related application server;
- Provide technical solutions based on embedded systems;
Major, Knowledge, Competencies and Technical Skills ?
- Major in Computer Science, Communication, information technology, etc;
- Advanced C/C++ Programming knowledge and skills are required;
- Familiar with both Windows and Linux programming, including IPC, network, memory cache;
- Master the knowledge of Service Bus and a product of application server;
- Good at CMakefile script;
- Java programming experience is also required;
- Strong Knowledge of the full software development lifecycle: from business/system analysis,
through requirements gathering and functional specification authoring, to architect design and
development, testing and delivery;
- Strong ability to troubleshoot issues and make system changes as needed to resolve issue;
- Team work spirit, motive, creative;
- Ability to provide technical coaching and mentor others as required.
- Development experience of embedded system is a plus;

Bachelor and above
Fluent English Speaking and Writing

Special Requirement:.
Technical and conversational English is required;
International project experience is a big plus.
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