Anyone Tutoring Allegro?

Hello there. I've just downloaded Allegro 5.0 for dev-c++. I dont know smack about Allegro but i do know the basic and how to make a text based game (ive made alot of them) so i know goto (I know everyone hates it but i think it works smooth with text based stuff, maybe i need to learn loops for Allegro)if, if else, else, variables (short,int,float,long,bool,double,double long), jadadada.
Anyways, im very intrested in any tutor through skype or whatever. (i have a very good english vocabulary but i am swedish so i might not understand everything.)
hit me up on email:

we can start off whenever (if you are intrested in payment i bet we can work something out.)
I don't know allegro all that well, and I don't have much spare time but I found a pretty good tutorial here: he shows both OOP and non OOP ways to do the same game, but he explains a lot and even though it's a bit older (2 years old) but it still works and it is in allegro 5, and he still replies to comments and e-mails about it, I've made a few small games with this information.
Thank you man
Dude, let me just tell u now:

I used allegro for like 6 months and i stopped, because it kept hitting me with errors that were only to do with image compatibilities, i made one REALLY simple program with two images, and that was it, unless i wanted to spend hours on the computer each day JUST looking for help with these kinds of things. And above all, allegro is very slow, and there are not very many tutorials out there for allegro programming.

So i would recommend using SFML, it's fast, popular, and flexible when dealing with different file/image formats.
also its easy to import to codeblocks IDE.
Use sdl. It is compatible with dev-c++.
Every time you load up Dev C++ a puppy dies. Go for Code Blocks or VC++
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