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Porting linux to windows / mutex issues

Hello, I am looking for a c++ programmer who is familiar with porting issues from linux to windows.

This is a paid job, at the moment with a budget of 1000 euro max, it involves working on a opensource event driven program that has already been ported to windows but where a shared memory event driven component is not working (shm/mutex issues), any solution will go back into the opensource project, I'm just forking out some cash to get a solution the developers can't get solved. It may resort to redesigning the shared memory modules.

This is not an easy job given the developers haven't fixed this yet, so I'd first like to see if anyone feels brave enough to take it on.
std::mutex and std::thread.
Do I get the money already? :D
If you can really solve the issue yes, I have no issues paying for a solution but it must be a working solution. Do you feel brave enough to fix this non-blocking and event driven?
I'm not really planning to get into a job which requires dedicated time, right now.
I just thought that solution could solve the problem.
If it was that easy... its not strait forward, when it was designed for windows it worked, ASLR and some other stuff came along and it stopped working, ever since no one worked on resolving the issue which can't be too hard given the right experience, I've tried but can't figure it out.
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Is it already open-source? I wouldn't mind taking a look for free if it's worth my time.
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It is opensource and very actively developed except for windows issues, send me a pm for details, via this forum there is currently one person looking at it.
Update, there are now 2 people looking into this, so far we've excluded this to be a mutex or shared memory problem, a design flaw seems to be likely which is harder to pinpoint.
Update, a fix has been developed ! and it works nicely now under windows, I have yet to see the source changes but I have a compiled working binary.

Person 1 did supply a basic analysis.
Person 2 supplied a hint to a cause and a fixed binary
Person 3 just PM'd wanting to give it a shot.

The next fase is as follows;
Once I have the sources and evaluated the root cause and analysis from person 2 I can see if persons 1 analysis was right, if so person 1 will receive a fee for his work.
If the solution/fix from person 2 can be applied to the lastest release and it still works as designed he will receive a fee for the analysis and the fixed sources.

Once all details have been worked out and a new full release of the project in question is done I'll post that here.

It is up to person 2 to release his source fixes, for the current project all sources will become public when ready and most likely as a fork due to the many changes already in there.
Update, sources have been delivered and compiled in, solution works as designed minus a small issue that is being worked on.

Person 1 has been payed a fee for his analysis,
Person 2 has been send a small test fee to make sure our banks are talking properly before transferring the rest.

Person 2 is known here as vdg.

This issue is now closed for solution entries, vdg is being credited for analysis and providing a working solution.
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