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Software Development Engineer C++/C# at Microsoft - DUBLIN

Microsoft is looking talented programmers to join the Software Developers Engineers in Test (SDET) Team:

Knowledge and Experience:

C#/C++ or Java experience required (1-2 years as a must)
Experience with SharePoint, SQL
Test aptitude with strong customer focus
Strong skills in troubleshooting and code analysis
Knowledge of test methodologies and processes
Self-motivated team player
Excellent communication in English, problem-solving and decision-making skills
BSc in computer science, or equivalent in related technical experience

For further information about the role, please contact Dani Martos on Linkedin (ie.linkedin.com/in/danimartos/) or mail v-dama@microsoft.com

What does an SDET do?

SDETs are responsible for the development of test plans and automation to verify the functionality, security, usability and performance of their areas. SDET's are expected to think outside the box and quickly identify gaps in the design and implementation of code.

Your experience in testing consumer products will play a critical role in analyzing bug patterns and devising test plans that best fit the product scope and business goals. You are the gatekeeper and are responsible for the quality of a product and deciding whether a product is ready to be shipped or not.

You will collaborate with different teams and disciplines on broader test initiatives as part of the Office group. You will need to demonstrate excellent problem solving skills, technical strength in both coding and testing skills locally within the Irish team and globally as part of the broader Office organization. Abilities in identifying new testing processes and approaches as well as being an influential team player are key to the role.

Your responsibilities include delivering detailed and comprehensive test design specs, robust test automation with high test & code coverage, test environments and test data that model customer environments.

As a strong, experienced and talented SDET within our test team, you will work closely with your feature triad team (TEST, PM, DEV), reviewing and signing off on PM functional specs and DEV design specs, getting your test specs reviewed and signed off, leading by example in applying best engineering practices, meeting project milestone dates, including test execution, bug bar & process, defining and tracking product release metrics and driving up the product quality.

For further information about the role, please contact Dani Martos on Linkedin (ie.linkedin.com/in/danimartos/) or mail v-dama@microsoft.com
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