Join me in learning c++

It's easier to learn something with someone else. I was just wondering if someone thought the same and would like to join me.
If you feel the same then you can text me or call me at: 918-638-8675
or add me on Skype at:
city: Pawhuska
I've seen many people wanting to join "beginner groups" and such and I'm afraid to say they never really work out that well, because everyone's still learning there's not much order to how they're going to go about learning and working as a group.
However if you do set something up and would like a little more experienced programmer (checking out your methods or finding errors and such) then PM me for contact details.
(I definitely ain't no pro but I can help out a lot for beginners)
Okay, and thanks but i found a group and it was helpful but i prefer to find out my problems by myself i've found out by joining a skype group
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