Pay someone to do code reviews


I would like to pay someone to do code reviews.
Add me on Skype: sedeki

We need a bit more information, what is the code review about - Topic, Size of code.
I'm using C++11 features and the Boost library.
Basically I've written (and going on, will write) some simple console-based code that I want assess.

Right now, I have like 900 lines of code.
Are you implementing any project or task or you want modify existing code?
Excuse me, is this job still available?
Add me Skype: mota.pratik
I am 3+ year C++ / VC++ developer
I'm interested. See my profile there:
Modern C++ and boost are in my domain of expertise. I also cumulate 10 years in development (games, webapps, embedded apps).
I am interesting, please read my message, thanks
*interested :P

although is the job still available
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