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Tutor/hwk Helper for hire (Beginners)

Hey guys,

I've been using C++, for a couple of years now, and I have developed a pretty good understandings of the basics.

I am willing to help tutor beginners, or help/complete hwk for them, for $6 dollars an hour-tutor, or $10 per assignment-hwk (Paypal).

I would prefer to tutor, so you can have the skills and knowledge, but I also understand some people are required to take intro programming classes without the desire or time to really do well.

I can help you with assignments and tutoring anywhere from:
what is a compiler and how to compile code -- creating simple data structures.(if you aren't sure what that range in-tells, just send me an message)

Plus, I have a lot of patience so we can work on something until YOU feel comfortable ^_^. I can even set up basic lessons for you as well if need be.

If interested send me a message of the service you want in detail, and we will go from there.

P.S. -No Game Engine developments, GUI(Windows) or network programming, Those areas are more involved than I would prefer to get in.

Do you teach Micro-Controller and PLC or Hypervisor Level Programming?
I'm sorry OrionMaster, I do not tutor uC programming, or Virtual operating machines due to the fact that both of these concepts are not (what I consider) "Beginner" concepts, you must have a basic/intermediate understanding of C++ (or Computing) for that.

If I ever do tutor any of those, I'll let you know ^_^.

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