C++ programmer looking for work

I'm looking to do any kind of work(but only paid). Send a pm or leave a reply if you are interested.

APIs I know: win32,dx9,winsockets (if need,I can learn other APIs)

I accept paypal & bitcoin
contact me at mail: jsnow2030@gmail.com or on the forum

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I am interested in the work.
I think he meant he was looking for a job
oh sorry did not read properly.
heh no problems,we talked thourhg PMs
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@johnsnow: i would learn boost and sfml too
And don't forget about SDL.

If I were you, I'd learn both for flexibility's sake.
yep,boost is something i plan to do,but the damn library is huge... SDL,I don't know,I used DirectX for everything I needed in the graphical part.
Well it couldn't hurt to learn OpenGL, you can use normal WINAPI or SDL and SFML as a cross-platform windowing lib.
added the payment methods
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