need a simple project done

hey, i need a simple C++ project done, anyone interested please pm me, i only pay via paypal... Thx!!!
I'm interested, can you transfer paypal to bitcoins?
hey, i don't know what bitcoins is
Hey, contact me, i'm interested and acept transfer paypal..
email :

Bitcoins is a (relatively) new virtual currency whose price is variating.
Not really different from any other currency at this point in time, each bitcoin has a price and you can change to/from bitcoins.

I can do this for you, I will take PayPal additionally I did do some work for people around here.

Simply make an account on blockchain or whatever, then put the pay on it, and send it to my bitcoin address.

My email is: [removed]
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I have successfully finished his job, those interested what the results produced. The Final Work:

He was delightful to work and quick & legitimate.

Thanks for the opportunity.
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Okay, how does two 30.00 British Pound pizzas cost 90? o.O
Okay, how does two 30.00 British Pound pizzas cost 90? o.O

Final work indeed, perhaps this thread isn't solved yet after all.
You lot are not too sure right? Look the topping costs as well that why 5 each and we selected 3 which gives us 15 pounds of toppings per pizza and multiply it by 2 gives us -
15 * 2 = 30 pounds of toppings

60 + 30 = 90 overall.

Besides the customer (Client) even approved it therefore really this is more of a self-conclusion than anything.
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Oh so the toppings are extra toppings? If not I'm never getting pizza in UK. In the US, toppings are figured into the original pizza price and then if you wanted extra toppings then it cost money.
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Just some suggestions for improvement.

1. No where on the UI does it say that adding extra topping will increase the price and it doesn't say how much it will increase the price either.

2. You have Pounds currency on the labels but yet you are outputting the total cost in dollars which is very confusing to the user. $90.00 is not the same as £90.00 and would cause major mix ups.

3. This is more of a design standpoint then a actual problem, but you have half of the application blank with as far as I can tell nothing that will ever take up that space (Unless the user plans on adding more toppings). This make it look lopsided and over sized in my opinion. You might consider increasing the spacing a bit and reducing the overall width of the window to make it more balanced. Or just reorganize the whole thing (Maybe put the textbox output on the right side and the selections on the left?).

I assume this is for homework so it probably won't matter anymore if he already handed it in but just for future programs you might consider these things. Remember every little detail should be inspected (And really the two different currency signs should have definitely been caught before completion).
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Well, as far as I know he said he really did not care about these petty mistakes, however of course I would obviously inspect every pixel before even publishing a application, nevertheless this is a small homework nothing too professional.

It is obvious to see this as a homework as any capable programmer working in a professional environment should not even ask for help and should finish these type projects in matter of minutes. Not to mention this involves the most basic mathematics.
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