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Wanted - C++ Programmer (Toronto, Canada)

Waterfront International is a Toronto-based quantitative finance research firm, specializing in developing computer based statistical trading strategies. Waterfront’s selective hiring process considers only highly talented individuals with a history of exceptional experience.

C++ Programmer

Primary Responsibilities:
- Develop new software as well as enhance existing systems, mostly in C++ on a Linux platform.
- Work directly with analysts to develop and maintain large scale financial analysis trading applications in a real time development production cycle.

Requirements of the Candidate include:
- Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. in Computer Science or Mathematics.
- Exceptional C++ programming skills.
- Excellent academic record.

Email: recruiting@wil.com

Company Website: www.wil.com
thanks for the post... but I'm not professional as you expecting :P
you should post in news
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