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coder777 wrote:
Read your own post from Jan 8, 2014 at 6:04am after SatsumaBenji post from Jan 7, 2014 at 7:03pm
I wrote:
Something cheap you might want to experiment with is the Intel Pentium 3, which should be more than enough for what you want to do

Might, as in the final product might use it.

But I don't know about just stopping a data stream from a flashdrive, such as when you eject it without safely removing it, it could cause data loss. Perhaps a simple option of (Remove Game), where it shuts down the game and then you can change games.
Would probably be the best route.

You could also use a CD or something, maybe a floppy to keep it old-school, and refrain from returning it until the program shuts down.
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Are you all forgetting how data has always been stored on consoles? Consoles typically use one media form which is read only for the game data (such as CD) and another media for save data (such as memory stick)

Sony use CD and removable flash drive
Microsoft use CD and HDD (not supposed to be removed)
Nintendo use a whole range, most recently CD and internal HDD (in Wii) or the same flash drive for game and saving (on DS)

Btw I think we've overlooked a rather large detail... What's happening with the GUI since Unix is pretty much either console or windowed environments
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Sony actually used a 'memory card' which was basically like a usb but not quite... it had a special format that prevented pirating.
This console I am designing has two USB ports on top, one USB for the games and one USB for the back up, memory, addons, etc.
Lumpkin wrote:
Sony actually used a 'memory card'

And this memory card uses what kind of technology? It's a flash drive with a few minor tweaks.
Yea I know, it's just a [low capacity] flash chip with pins.
Just get a PI to prototype and use. That's just a waste of money. (A PI costs half of that.)
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So everyone agrees that I should use this:

With 8gig Memory?
Umm..You can buy it directly off element14 for cheaper it's only 35

Or you can even get it with an 8gb for 40 (still cheaper)
What is the sd card for?
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The operating system runs off the sd card. You also need to buy a case and a charger to run the raspberry pi.
Well unless you're particularly interested in the Raspberry Pi for yourself I'm still just using it to modify the kernel at the moment... Or should I say learning to modify the kernel.
Only problem I see, is if I gather everything I need online, what's to stop everyone else from doing the same and copying the console?
I would love to join sent you a PM
Well then once things get started you need a more private messaging system
That's why we said prototype and not build the entire thing off of it.
Just a note, it may take a while for me to understand what I'm actually doing in the kernel so it's probably worthwhile continuing to look for kernel hackers or OS makers
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also #osdev
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