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I thought I'd begin with an introduction to myself - you can call me Joe.

I am an intermediate C++ programmer (roughly 4 years of programming with it).
Also, I have some knowledge of Java programming.

I am currently attending College and am in my second year of learning programming, among other things.

You can view some of my programs at: legends2d.deviantart.com

Currently, I am offering to tutor people who have no programming experience or very little. I am willing to offer as many lessons as you prefer.

Each lesson consists of at least 45 - 60 min. of online communication (depends on what kind of communication you feel comfortable with), a lesson in Word format and a short quiz. Also, my email is always open so you can ask me as many questions regarding our lesson as you'd like (for free).

The rate I'm offering is $10/hour. You only need to pay me when we START the lesson, NOT days or hours before the lesson. I take payment via paypal.

You can email me at: sparkyqian@yahoo.ca

Thank you for considering me,
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im not looking for tutoring, but as to help you out, you should provide a little portfolio, like what you will be teaching. it would also be great to provide some links to projects youve done or worked on
Thanks for the advice!
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