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Looking for a simple C++ project

Hello, I've learnt some c++ by reading a book, and i would like to practice the things that i've learnt in the book. I don't know if this is the appropriate forum to post, but i'm looking for a C++ simple console project to learn more things that ive read. I work for free and pleasure not looking money.

Sorry for my english ang greetings.
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i would move this to the lounge. youll get more responses. however, are you looking for
a) to learn new things with this project or
b) ground in and practice what you do know (and make sure you know how to do it right)?
please answer that, and in either case, what do you already know?
a) learn new things.

I know C++ basics like pointers functions, arrays, classes, objects, constructors and destructors, basic input and output in console, create files with fstream, and control instructions, and more basic things that are teached in books.

What i'm looking for is to make exercises to improve my skills as programmer, and i've thought that getting involved in a project with more people is a good idea.

Is not much but i would like to learn practicing in basic console projects.
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and project euler
Thx, project Euler looks interesting, at the moment I'll go there, but i would like to get involved with people, i'm searching in the post right now.
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oh... let me redeem my self then.
there is chess++ (thats sfml/boost though). talk to user LB about that. you could also troll github. there is cx-masters which is a c-like language compiler. there is also this page: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Works_in_progress
Chess++ is way beyond what Suji would want to work with at this moment - it uses some pretty advanced C++11 features.
you can go for a Project "Shopping Cart Management".
It uses class, array ...
e-mail me
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