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Looking for c++ tutor , up to $10/hr


Background about me:

I have been dabbling in programming for quite a while over the last few months, I have a really good feel for algorithm and how my programs need to be structured, but I have generally lost interest when it comes to syntax I have used a good E-book but I find "classroom" style teaching really boring and dis interesting. I am using purely c++ console code.

I have a few projects that I want to work on but I do not have the ability to complete them on my own, I am looking for someone who can guide me into being a fundamentally solid programmer as-well as being able to write code for me and break down what everything in that code does, why they selected certain structure/syntax over another (So yeah, more fundamental work!)

I am also open to different teaching techniques if you feel you have an effective and engaging way of teaching, just in my mind I feel the best way to do that is by working on something that is actually useful to me as a finished product while learning along the way.

I have a project I had paid to be worked on (well over 60 hours) previously by a college kid who ended up ditching it at 90% once he had made enough money to purchase his monitor, then telling me he would finish the project if I pay 300% hourly increase...... so I would like that project to be completed/rebuilt with me.

As you can tell from the previous statement I have absolutely zero time / interest in people that think its fine to agree upon a rate and try to put the squeeze on once a project is near completion, its highly unprofessional.


Be available for 4-5 hours a week minimum (Although this does not guarantee I will need you for 4-5 hours per week)

Have a very clear and concise way of relaying information (I would rather have a lower level ability tutor who articulates himself/herself very well over a high level wiz kid who cannot explain their decision making)

Have a good microphone (if you feel verbal lessons + screen sharing is the best approach)

Bonus, but not requirements:

Future projects will involve needing experience in the following:

Querying SQL databases

OCR/Screen scraping

GUI work

I am using Windows (VS2k12), I am not overly concerned about cross platform compatibility yet so using Windows API etc is not a problem for me.

If you feel you are up for the challenge and want to make some cash at the same time then you can shoot me over an email. Please include your age, location, experience, hourly rate and schedule/availability to:




*All Source code produced / worked on during our sessions belongs to me and cannot be used, sold or given away without my consent*

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aggsyb wrote:
*All Source code produced / worked on during our sessions belongs to me and cannot be used, sold or given away without my consent*
All my code is in the public domain (unlicense), I will not help you with this restriction.
Thanks for the replies, I have hired somebody can a mod close this please.
There are no moderators, and there has only ever been one closed topic on the forum. Also, it's incredibly rude to ask for a thread to be closed just because you're done with it - it's not like you're receiving notifications from the thread. If you are, there is a profile option as well as a dropdown at the bottom of the thread.

You can, however, mark the thread as solved.
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