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2D ORPG: 20% share in income + $10/hr paid unfront

I previously posted an ad on this forum. Please re-send any applications if you are still interested.

Project Information

-- Currently has a rough 'traditional role-play' version live, which generates income through subscriptions: http://www.pixel-realms.net/. You can also view screenshots of the project on the website. High subscription rate of roughly 70% of all active players: http://puu.sh/6DzD6.png

-- This posting is for a remake of the project posted on http://pixel-realms.net, with cleaner design and improved gameplay. We are aiming for a 2D pixel-based Guild Wars 2 esque project, that has a heavy focus on global events, faction wars, and public quests.

-- The majority of project art and sounds are complete. All that's left is the programming, level design, and quest scripts.

-- Payment is sent through PayPal, and can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. All tasks in the functional spec will be priced by the programmer. In addition to upfront payment, a 20% stake in the project's income through subscriptions are offered. The version posted on http://pixel-realms.net has made over $10'000 in one year, and is by far a lesser project than what's planned for this game.

Engine Information

The game will be coded using Dream Maker, a language which is extremely easy (and fun) to use. Dream Maker streamlines development by taking care of various aspects, from networking to level development. For a more detailed look at Dream Maker's pros and cons, see: http://www.byond.com/developer/articles/whitepaper

If you are adept at C++, you will have absolutely no trouble adapting within 2-3 days. It is very similar. Using BYOND, the project's workload is reduced by a good deal, and we can have a live server sooner.

I am open to alternative engines if the programmer is confident they can have a playable and fleshed out version within a reasonable time.

Contact Information

Please get in touch if you have questions regarding the project and/or you'd like to offer your services. If you are sending an e-mail, make sure to include information on past projects, your experiences with programming, and your schedule.

E-mail: doohl-savien@outlook.com
Skype: askypetochatandstuff
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