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Seeking consultant for C++ XE5 programming

Seeking consultant for C++ programming for a desktop application

Work objectives

We are seeking a consultant for C++ programming for a desktop application named AquaFarm. AquaFarm is simulation software for aquatic systems and aquaculture. At this time, AquaFarm compiles under C++Builder XE and runs properly on a Windows XP PC only.

We are an aquaculture technology group with offices in San Antonio TX and Seattle WA. We currently provide desktop and Internet based applications for aquatic systems and aquaculture (see www.AquaFarm.com and www.Aquanate.com). In the future, we plan to seek status as a non-profit organization, develop additional cellular based applications, and provide these integrated applications worldwide in multiple languages. Our target audience within the aquatic/aquaculture domain includes educational, developmental, and commercial entities.

Work stages

1) Compile AquaFarm with C++Builder XE5 (2013). AquaFarm was compiling with C++Builder XE (2010). With XE5, there are errors for program code that is now defined in standard libraries. For example: Ambiguity between 'TArray<T>' and 'System::Generics::Collections::TArray'. There are likely to be additional types of compiling errors.

2) Fix Windows Paint code issue. AquaFarm Window code is not properly executing the Repaint() function. At the last successful program build under C++ Builder XE, this error did not appear when running AquaFarm under Windows XP, but it did appear under Windows 7. Therefore, this code issue appears to be a high level Windows code issue. Update of code compatibility from XE to XE5 may help resolve this issue. We would like AquaFarm to run properly under all Window PC operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

3) Fix issue with Help file. There is an issue with the help system when running AquaFarm under Windows 7. This error does not appear under Windows XP. The help file is in WinHelp 2000 format and built with RoboHelp 5.0. Fatal error occurs at MainWnd.cpp, Application->HelpCommand(). Update of the Help file builder is a consideration or simply a patch for the existing Help file format.

4) Provide ongoing software support. We need to maintain compatibility of AquaFarm with all operating systems for PC and Apple computers, now and in the future. We will eventually convert AquaFarm into an Internet based application.

Payment for services and Contact information

Work will be completed in stages as outlined above. Payment will be provided in a mutually agreeable manner over the course of each stage. Given our status as a small, developing company, we are seeking a cost efficient relationship. It is possible that a successful consultant relationship could evolve into a business partner relationship. Prefer consultant location in San Antonio or Austin, Texas area for occasional meetings. Please contact Doug Ernst at Doug@AquaFarm.com.
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