Entry level programmer

Hey all,

I know there are resume listing site out there, but how experienced should a programmer be to even hope of getting a few jobs on the side.

You should at least know multiple programming languages like: C, C++, C#, Java and if you have any experience on the side like database SQL, JavaScript, etc... you should have a fair chance already. I wouldn't get scared with what you need to learn. In fact, once you learn one thing like C++ or Java, it's real easy to pick up on the others!

Also, a bit of advice: Go for the code analyst or any entry programmer job first. These usually require you to go through code and find errors or bugs. It's the usual first step in getting a job. Also, do set up a portfolio of your own projects, create a blog, etc...

If you want to earn money on the side, try developing Windows 8 apps using Visual C++ and you can let Microsoft market and sell it for you (with them getting a share of the profits). It's definitely worth a try and will force you to be creative!
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