C++ Tutor


If anyone would like someone to help them learn C++, I am currently offering this service for $9/hour (negotiable). Lessons include 1 - 3 hours (depending on your schedule) of tutoring, documents that I send regarding topics you might not understand quite well, free questions via email, comments on your code and projects that will help you reinforce the concepts we practice.

My Experience:
1) 4+ years of C++
2) 1 year of Java
3) Knowledge of Database design and SQL
4) View the game project (and some of my work) I'm working on at:

-Java IMS System: http://legends2d.deviantart.com/art/IMS-Report-Table-381277531

-C++ 2D Side-scroller: http://legends2d.deviantart.com/art/Updated-Menu-Screen-395962599

Email me for more information at: sparkyqian@yahoo.ca
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