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C++ Developer needed in Norwalk, CT

C++ Software Engineer
* Design, develop, and maintain complex, real-time, high-performance server technology
* Document and build unit tests for your code
* Ability to take responsibility and work independently on a small team
* Strong C/C++ skills in an UNIX environment
* Real-world experience with web servers, TCP/IP, HTTP, inter-process communication and multithreading
* Strong understanding of algorithms and software engineering
* Excellent communication skills
* Ability to learn and adapt in a rapidly changing environment
* Experience building real-time, high-performance systems
* Sun Java System Web Server
* STL (Standard Template Library)
* Boost C++ Libraries
* MySQL, Oracle or similar relational database
* Memcached, Membase or similar in-memory database
* Version control systems like CVS or Git
* Eclipse

If interested, Please contact me at: lisa@gatestaffing.com
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