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C++ Programer needed for project willing to pay $300


I need a C++ programmer who can help create an automated trading system. I am fairly knowledgeable in program logic, just not too familiar w/ the C++ language. (I guess I should have paid attention in school)

I have VB. Net scripts that can be converted for a few pieces of this project, I'm sure others can be found as well to pull it all together. While some may have to be coded by the programmer.

Please email or PM me if you are interested in the project.

Thanks in advance.
Hi, i insterested. I sent PM.
what type of trading? also will it be a web based client with a background application that processes trades, etc, etc? skype: evil0zero

Interested, Please Send PM!
What should be traded, what is automated there?
How do you want to presentate your data?
Still much questions open...
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