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Looking for cheap devolepers to edit a new game/source code

Good afternoon everyone, I am looking for devolepers c + + to edit one source code in an online game.Those interested can contact me by skype. jobs are fairly simple. The budget for the payment of work is very small but as I said the job is easy and even can give commands to do.
skype: bruno-miguel-silva
hmm, there's over twenty bruno miquel silvas on skype.

send me the details via email. codeassistant@gmail.com
or add me on skype: codeassistant (I'm the only one :)
There are more names coming in Skype for bruno-miguel-silva.

You can Contact me:- Skype:- mota.pratik
gmail:- mota.pratik@gmail.com

i am 3+ year C++ Developer.
If you're still looking for volunteers contact me: amllamojha at hotmail.com
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