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Looking for C++ Coder Regarding Data Structures

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my email is codeassistant@gmail.com, I can help, please send me the details (btw your account doesn't accept PMs :)
Have to love when people are so insolent and remove all their posts after they get what they are looking for.
you can try me out..email me at blessedit123@yahoo.com
Although this is probably one of the safest websites I've been on I'd still be wary about openly posting your email addresses.

(And saying that I've just noticed both the people who posted there emails are new to the site -_- )
A lot of veteran members have their emails (myself included) or links to their site that has an email in their profiles. Also most people that post to the jobs forums usually only make the account to post jobs therefore you have to include emails. Lastly, how are they going to communicate if they don't want to turn on their PMs?
Please look at the dates and the actual posts that the OP has made before posting.
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