I would like a tutor

I just began C++ this year (senior year of high school) and I'm very interested in programming so far. The only problem is that my teacher does nothing but read from the book and copy paste assignments from online PDF's. I'm looking for someone to help me advance my learning at a quicker pace. I have been reading through the beginner's tutorials but I'm getting to the end and I would also like someone to give me a new perspective. I don't have much money and my hours aren't that flexible due to school and a job. Links to other tutorials or lectures are also welcome. Thanks!

Links to other tutorials
If you are at the end of this sites tutorials you might want to give these a shot http://www.learncpp.com/
Thank you! I'm re-reading some of them to get a better understanding but this will help a lot.
I find that it really helps learning about the same part again but from different sources. Lots of tutorials might skip what they see as small irrelevant things to try and just get across basic principles, others (usually the books) are limited to how much they can actually cover in C/C++ in general.

Also if you only "kinda" understand something, reading from a different source can really help clear things up greatly due to different phrasing/analogies/extra detail/better examples/etc.

I'm afraid I don't actually know many sources other than this site and the book I learned from, but even if you think you know something really well, maybe check it out from other perspectives.
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