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wifi auto reconnect in a different way

Hello, a new fixed paid assignment for a simple c++ job :)

I need a c++ program which compiles via a makefile and runs on xp – w8.1 (vc 2010)

Issue: windows WIFI has an option to autoconnect (connect automatically) to an accesspoint, very useful when roaming, however this autoconnect option is persistent between reboots, I want a manual option that will go off after reboot (simply by not running this program) and I want to be able to switch between roaming pools (simply by running a different shortcut to this program).

- compiles (no console mode) via a makefile, vc2010
- no dependencies with .net of whatever
- runs on XP to Windows 8.1
- displays a dialogbox with options and sample when run without parameters
- event triggering on disconnect with a delay before reconnect
- event logging to a logfile (see batch below)
- running as a tray icon would be nice
- sourcecode, which can be made public
- all options/parameters via commandline

Budget 250,- euro’s (IBAN via email required)

I wrote a simple batchfile that does the job for now, but this is based on a loop, I’d like to use an event which gets triggered on disconnect.

:: reconnwifi.cmd::
if "%3"=="" goto nocmd
netsh interface show int %1 |FIND "state" |FIND "Connected"
if errorlevel 1 goto reconn
goto end
echo %date% %time% Reconnecting %2 on %1>>reconn.log
netsh wlan connect name=%2
choice /n /t %3 /d y
goto loop
echo Usage %0 interface wlan-name delay

Batchfile (shortcut) sample usage: reconnwifi.cmd WiFi AP_NAME 30

I sent PM.
Its been awhile but I had 2 replies, one never replied back after supplying more info, the second actually made something that works (CodeAssistant) and have been payed 80% so far, one small bug to be resolved.
CodeAssistant made it work :) and it works as required, assignment closed.
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