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Need help compiling an old Borland C++ Project

This is as far as I have got:


All the code seems to be compiling after editing, just gets stuck on linking, if anyone can help unlinking this file and getting it to compile fully will be rewarded :)

Did you consider using an up-to-date compiler? Whatever you're using looks antiquated.
I have tried other compilers but just ran into more problems and this program was written in 1992
Well perhaps there's some sense in that. But finding someone around here who is knowledgeable about the error messages from that compiler might be difficult. It might help if you shared the actual source code.
Hi All,
i want to help you, but in Iran(Islamic Republic of) this site is filter(filtered) so if you send the source code here, perhaps i can help you, But now! I Cant.
Have Nice Life.
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That error is the equivalent of the modern "no such file or directory". Where ever it is looking for '../LIB200/HCS2.LIB' it isn't finding it. Rhide had the same error messaging when I first started learning C++.
Okay. Look in ..\LIB200 and see what's there. Maybe there is a bunch of code and project file that will make the missing library.
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