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[Royalty]House of Demons Serious Indie Game Project Needs C++ Programmers

Hello, everyone, we are working on a game called House of Demons, we are in development and hope to have a pre-alpha by the end of July if not sooner but we need C++ programmers!! Before signing up for the job you must know that you need an Unreal Engine 4 License (it's only $20 and this gives you access to UE4's full source code and editor), we cannot provide this for you so you need to buy it yourself. Now that, that is out of the way, We are a team of 5 so far and we need C++ programmers with an excellent and/or advanced knowledge of C++ and knowledge of game engine programming, prior Unreal Engine experience is not needed. Here is our post on the UE4 forum:


If you're interested send an email to: thundermountainstudios@yahoo.com
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