c++ teacher via mail wanted

need c++ intermediate teacher to give and check c++ exercises. paid via paypal 20 usd an hour.
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Yes, I am ready to help you.
Please contact me at: santanu.code@gmail.com
I can do this, I have several years in C++ experience. I pm'ed you the email.
Hi, contact me, i sent PM.


hi. I can help you. I am an Electronics Engineer & have 1 year experience in C++ programming. I like learning new things, and explaining them to others.
My email is -
Hi, I already took this job. (We're mailing each other now).
Dear jacek ryś/ensch,

I can you help you as I have good experience on C++ programming.

I work as Senior Software Developer in a corporate company, apart from development I used to teach C, C++, Data Structures and Oracle to my team members.

You can reach me on kitturnd@gmail.com
I can help you with your c++ skill. Send me a mail on here and we will go from there
try okangalfred@yahoo.com...a good tutor
I am having good experience in C++ programming as well as in teaching.
Please send me PM.

I would be happy to help you.

My email is sparkprogrammer@gmail.com
And my rate is: $9 / hour.

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