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First Phone Screening for a Software Engineering Intern position

Hey guys so I'm currently an undergraduate in college pursuing a B.S. of Computer Science. I recently applied to a job as a software engineer intern. Well not too long after I got an e-mail back asking me if I am available for a phone screening and when I would be down to do it.

I'm not going to lie I'm pretty nervous, this is my first call back on a resume I sent in for this, and was wondering if there is any input I can get about this? The person who will be conducting the screening works in HR and isn't a software engineer. So should I expect him to ask me questions about the company or ask me to tell him about myself? Or would he ask me questions about Big O Notation and stuff like that?

Any input on this would be appreciated, thanks!
Yes he could ask you like a general stress' interview questions . Note that if you are having multiple screen you can open a Google page so if you are confused ... But that's dangerous :) .

It might happen he ask you to write something on a compiler , so get ready to make it work fast then .

But mostly , phone-screening interview is because there was no way to fix an appointment or something or for the non-proxiimity .

Show your good sense of humor , make sure to hear clearly what he says . To warn anyone in your place to stay quiet and to lock your door , that can bother the interviewer if he gets interrupted .

If it's HR doing a pre-screening then I suspect you won't be asked any technical questions. It is likely to be more about whether you can work in the country legally, your contact info, assessing your fluency in spoken English, when you might be able to start, when you'll graduate, when you might be available for a technical interview etc. etc.

It's been a long time since I've been on a job interview, but back then, you could always tell how the interview was going by whether you spoke to the boss. When you come in, they will say that you'll speak to 3 (or 2 or 4 or however many) people. If things go well, then they will say that there's another person for you to talk to. That's the boss, and he only talks to the people who make it through the technical interviews.
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