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Looking to hire c++ programmer to make me a code

Hello, i am looking for a programmer to make me a code, i have in my head how the code will work step by step but my coding is not at a high enough level to do what i wish. The code would be as follows:

Three initial values X Y and Z are calculated before(i've made my own code to do this)

An additional storage space of items is made where you store initally 2 items with values of X Y and Z. So say:
"Name of item 1": X= Y= Z=
"Name of item 2": X= Y= Z=
/* a comment should be left in the code so that i can find this storage place and add as many items as i like(you would only have to put 2 samples in) */

From this storage database the code will then pick 3 items at random and the same item may not be repeated when randomly generated. Once three items are picked the code then uses the values of those items to and calulates how many of each item is needed to meet the inital values of X Y and Z without going over. So for a very basic example:

X=3 Y=3 Z=3

Storage space:
"Item 1": X=1 Y=1 Z=1
"Item 2": X=1 Y=1 Z=1

Code calls storage space and does calculations.

Output << you need 2 item 1 and 1 item 2

If anyone would be able to design this code please let me know how much you will charge.

I was looking around the forum, saw this post, and I'd be able to do it. As I need practice for the language anyway, I will not charge anything for doing it. You'll need to tell me what format you want it in though (an exe, code snippit, etc). Can we discuss the details through email?
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