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Syntech gamings looking for programmers

Hello there! My name is Jamie and I am the founder of Syntech Gaming. We are currently looking for programmers for a horror game we are making.

Q: What is our game about?
A: We are making a horror game based in a school. The idea of the game is to escape the school whilst being chased after a killer clown.

Q: How old do I have to be?
A: Age doesn't matter! However, you need to be mature enough to talk to and work with other team members. We use a fantastic client called Slack which works perfectly with these type of projects. It is a messaging service so we do not need to voice call or video call you.

Q: Do I have to be experienced?
A: Yes, you do have to be experienced with C++ and UE4 (Unreal Engine 4). The reason being is that programming is very important and we need the best we can find!

Q: Why should I join?
A: If you join the project and help finish the final product, you will be able to add on/start a strong portfolio, learn new skills and if the product makes money, you will receive your fair share.
We are currently in between the stage of pre-production to production. We already have a few models prepared. We are also finishing off the final aspects of the storyline and mechanics etc.
If you are interested in join, go to this link and fill out a form:


Hope you join!
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We will use UE4, and therefore needs C ++ programmers.
We are a group of about 10 people. There are modelers, sculptors and composers etc. The only thing we lack is the programmers, that is why I have gone out of forums such as this.
Unfortunately, I'm more of an low-level system programmer than a gamer. I hardly know what a game engine is.
I have joined.
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