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Mod Modification. Neuroergonomics project.

Good morning to everybody.

I hope to find the help I need in this community.

I'm developing a new type of hardware for a mark of skid steer loader using neuroergonomics and neuropsychology methods into my university.
The hardware consists into two different new cloche from the original one of the skid steer loader.

The hardware uses arduino codes to relate input-output from cloche into the computer's software I'm using.
Specifically I'm using -Farming simulator Mod- related to my hardware (which has arduino).

The puzzle I'd like to solve is a modification of the mod (skid steer loader) currently in use, into two different mods.
I underline the fact that I'm not interested in -developing 2 new mods- to sell.
The required modification is just for experimentation reasons.

I'm nor an engineer neither a software developer (I do just neuroscience), the request I'd like to post here is:

Taken the already functioning Mod; is here somebody who desire to help me with this modification just (movements -directions- controls for blade and carriage)?

The Mod rest doesn't have to be modified.

Clearly who decide to help me will have the possibility to be cited on the scientific paper I'll have to publish.

The last question concern the economic part.
Does exists a cost for this? and if it does how much would that be?

Thank you again for your attention.
Good morning.
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Hello Conrad.
I can help, contact me: cronopiomx@gmail.com.

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