Jobs Available?

I'm Joshua, a C++ programmer based in Nigeria, West Africa. I'm actively looking for a remote job with anybody or any corporate body, I describe some of my projects in brief below, in no particular order.

1. ‎TinyDirCpp: C++, powerful as-is, do not have a standard file system in its standard library. Boost, a C++ class of libraries, provides as extension a file system called Boost.FileSystem but using this involves building and installing the whole library which can be as big as 1gb. In lieu of this,  I created TinyDirCpp, a minimal cross-platform C++ file system that can be used in replacement for Boost.FileSystem, it's only about 50kb and can perform basic task for browsing through a directory, listing its contents etc.

2. MaryLang: Couple weeks ago, I started the development of a programming language from scratch called MaryLang, it is a statically typed strong programming language borrowing syntax from the likes of Ruby, C#, ML, C++ and some from Javascript. It was meant to be a toy project but as time went by, I saw the need to make it more than yet *another* language, it now plans to solve some problems faced by using some mainstream languages like C++ with database applications like MariaDB. Although, the development is in its early stages, developing the language has exposed me to intricacies of C++, learning ‎some good but unpopular/popular algorithms, implementation of some data structures for low memory imprint etc. 

3. Expresso: ‎Expresso is a portable interpreter I created when I got my first Arduino kit around March 2016. Since Arduino has a very small memory "footprint", as a toy project I wanted to explore what it'd be like to have an interpreter that can run applications on the "platform". The idea behind Expresso looks a little like without the templates, of course.

Some of the projects I mentioned and some other are hosted on my github page

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