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Hello everyone, I am a 20 years old freshman student in the IT Engineering course. I was wandering through life doing a lot of very different things but 85% of time they involved computer in one or another way. And now I am programming having a feeling that IT is my thing I started to think in which direction I want to go. I love all of these things: sports, business, working on problems. And since i kind of got a solid fundamental background of C++ I dunno where should i go from here. I am at least year ahead of university programming schedule so i hope you can give me some help. I would love to know how can i make business sports and programming work together. Would love to make a discussion here!

Love, Tomas
ANYTHING can be used with computers; business sports and programming are no exceptions to this fact.

I would actually look into UI (User Interface) Design and perhaps mobile app development as a starting point. I really don't know the specifics, but if you research on a particular news group's site for careers, I'm sure you'll find out what they look for.

And if you're looking to apply your skills to some more productive apps, go with Qt - a graphical environment built around C++ to allow the creation of desktop applications, mobile apps and more!

(Just as a heads up, maybe this post would find a better audience in the 'Lounge' rather than Jobs. The 'Jobs' post is where you are either posting a service or posting a Job advertisement.)

Cheers :)
Thank you! Will definitely look at it !
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