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Hi, currently I am a first year computer science student in a Canadian University.

I need some advice from experienced people about how to secure strong co-op positions ? Is GPA really important or is it mostly the experience they are looking for ?

Also, share your ideas about what languages I need to know other than C++ before I apply for co_op.
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GPA plays a factor in the school's decision making process, definitely. Experience which also plays a factor must match the co-op you're applying for.

Knowledge in multiple languages AND software development applications is definitely the way to go. It's not simply about code but also about the tools used to make the coding process easier (and thus speed up development time).

C++, C#, Java, C, and even knowledge of web development would greatly enhance your ability to get the co-op position. Lastly, try to research about the co-op your taking.

Hope that helped.
@Little Captatin, thanks for your helpful suggestions.

Based on your experience, do you know any useful website/books/other resources that can help me to know what needs to be actually done in the work place ? I mean not just the coding, but for example how to speed up software and the process of compilation, and other stuff about problem solving and etc.
The Deitel Books - while often criticized for being too wordy - are for me a good source of really getting to know the language inside-and-out. Look up Deitel and you can see their official site.

They release books on C++, Java, C# and more so they'd definitely be a good place to start with.

In addition, a good search on google will reveal more books that delve into more focused topics - like
(I have yet to read this one myself :p )

Again, use the web as your platform for finding books and see if you can get a sneak peak on either your local bookstore or on Amazon's preview feature.

In addition, I would highly recommend you to purposefully write programs that DON'T work and then see how and why they don't. A lot of people learn more this way -- myself included.

Hope this helps,
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