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C++ Back-end Lead Developer - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam / Employee position / Fulltime preferred

The job:
LOFT has a team of 25 smart and enthusiastic colleagues with multiple nationalities. Their unique technological innovations are based on a 33 years company heritage. The main product roOomy allows users to turn photographs into a 3D room they can fully decorate with existing furniture. Currently implementing AR and VR functionality as well.

The back-end is built with C++ and PostgreSQL on Linux. Data comes from retailers, real estate agencies and many home users. With a growing user base a fast a scalable back-end is crucial. They are looking for someone who can continue development of this system, but also doesn’t shy away from suggesting a new solution in the future when this is required. In this flat organisational structure everybody thinks along. Ideas are valued both on the applications as well as processes and the organisation in general. Making this an organisation where everybody is actually proud of what they are building together.

They offer:
• A lot of freedom in setting the technological roadmap of their back-end solution and creating the best coding solutions.
• You will start as the lead developer for the back-end solution with one direct colleague (to be hired). You will help build the Back-End development team and have a growth opportunity to team leader. You report directly to the VP.
• Developing the backbone for innovative 3D Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps. Ensuring the back-end remains future proof to support the growing number of applications and users.
• Agile development with 2 week sprints. Working closely with the entire development team.
• An international team and stable working environment with the flexibility and liveliness of start-up culture highly valuing everyone’s ideas.
• Salary and benefits negotiable based on your knowledge and experience and offering 27 paid holidays.
• Flexible working hours with core hours between 10:00-16:00. A workweek of 40 hours is preferred, but 32 hours can be discussed.
• Having fun while doing all of the above.

Your qualifications:

• 2+ years of professional experience in realizing production level back-end solutions.
• Proficient in C++, (Postgre)SQL and Linux.
• In-depth understanding of protocols and frameworks for web services and architecture of distributed systems. In particular REST(ful) APIs.
• Proven common sense in choosing strategies for blob storage, security, upgrade/maintenance and back-up/restore.
• Good spoken and written English language skills.
• Eager to teach, learn, challenge and cooperate.

Bonus points for experience with:
• working on large systems (massive user-base, high data throughput).
• more than one platform and technology.
• NoSQL databases.
• AWS.

Be aware that relocation to the Netherlands is required.

Their company profile:

LOFT is an international company officially headquartered in San Jose California, with their engineering and product development operations in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Their development team works with Agile development practices, specifically Agile and Kanban. They have nationalities from at least 9 different countries in the world in their Amsterdam office alone, and appreciate the energy and different perspectives that this brings to the table.

More details or want to apply?
QSXL is the offical search partner of LOFT / RoOomy for this great opportunity.

You can leave a message below, send me a private message or give us a call at: +31 30 634 00 88

You can find a few more details and my e-mail adress at:

And no, we will never ask any remuneration of you. I will not even ask for your resume until we both decide to show it to the manager. Let's first see whether the job actually matches your interest. So feel free to simply ask me a question first.
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