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Web programmer for a online project

I need to convert a C++ with QT libraries desktop application (with GPL license) to web-based application.
I`d like to keep the same type of certification so appropriate tools must be used.
The project is quite big and can be done away from our location.
Hi Please say more on your project, May i can Contribute
We would like to convert a desktop application written in C++ with QT libraries and would like to make it a web-based application. The C++ code should be reused completely, so we need a efficient solution. We want to use only free software and no Java. Are you interested and would like to have some more details? Do you have some idea of which tools you`d use to develop the project?
Do you have an email or some other way to contact you?

I am interested in this project. I developed both in C++ and web applications mostly in PHP and .Net.
You can email me at: nsromanista@gmail.com to exchange more information about your needs and possible solutions.

Thank you.

Best Regards
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