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First a little about MaNGOS – MaNGOS was started by theLuda back in summer 2005. Since then MaNGOS has grown to be one of the best known server emulators to exist. MaNGOS is a free World of Warcraft server emulator.

getMaNGOS is the name of the team and website currently developing MaNGOS and we’re recruiting! Please view available positions below. There are multiple openings for this position as this is a complex and large server system.

C++ Developer
getMaNGOS is looking for talented C++, programmers to continue working on the popular long running MaNGOS server core.

• Working bugs out with users on the getMaNGOS.eu forums
• Working as part of a team
• Knowledge of working with Github preferred, but this can be explained.
• Daily meetings with other developers via Skype or Discord.
• Developers will sometimes be assigned tasks from senior developers

We are essentially looking for an individual who can work by themselves on some issues but also integrate and work with others in the team when needed,

This is not a paid position, our developers work in there free time to do something different.

A copy of the game client will be provided to anyone joining. We have detailed documents explaining different parts of our server software and information on the database and detailed information on packets.

You can reach Community Manager MadMax on Discord: MadMax#7731 or Skype: xmark202
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