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Ark and Atlas C++ Devkit Plugin Dev

Note: This is not a single job. This is a longer-term series of easy to hard jobs done within the Ark DevKit which uses C++ and the Atlas Devkit when it comes out. You must have or make a discord add me, and join our 1650+ person discord community for our servers. I will provide via PM a plugin we have already made, it is easy simple, and should be done in Ark DevKit. Once done send back to me, we shall test it. Anyone who can do that can be brought into negotiations to be a dev for the server. 300 USD comes right on signing contract and paid for every plugin thereafter APPROX 100 USD or more if bigger plugin.

At GamingOG LLC we need some top tier Devs for C++. We will most likely start you working on one of our 7 Ark servers.
Ark PVE Server: https://goo.gl/87ai3J = steam://connect/
Ark PVE Extinction Server:https://goo.gl/K1A6aS = steam://connect/
Cluster Ark Rag: https://goo.gl/z5w3aF = steam://connect/
Cluster Ark Extinction: https://goo.gl/1Zq5oq = steam://connect/
Cluster Ark Island:https://goo.gl/UyBxd3 = steam://connect/
Ark x50 Server Vote 2: https://goo.gl/1jb4m7 = steam://connect/
Deathmatch PVP Server: https://goo.gl/bQwiEY = steam://connect/

Then we will move you onto working with our Atlas Server's which will be one large 5x10 max grid size map, making it one of the largest in the game for unofficial. We have no plans at stopping there.

We're looking for solid people who are willing to create custom plugins for a video game called "Ark and Atlas" they are both made in the unreal engine. How plugins work is they are coded in C++ visual studio the plugin files contain ".dll plugin file and a config file, They are inside of a folder."

Plugins are easy once you understand how they work. The typically dev charges $50-150 per custom plugin. These devs are working privately for other server owners that's why we have reached out to you. We are willing to give a $300 starting signing bonus once the first plugin is complete and works as attended. We will pay per plugin as long as it's working and not broken. This is just the starting bonus, you will receive, we will buy the plugin for a price we agree to well before you start the build (Added on top of the 300), you keep the 300 for not selling your work to other servers. You would get a $300 bonus every year we continue to work with each other unless the agreement is termed by either party prior to the renewal date. The renewal being the date we enter into the agreement.

This means we are interested in having:
(=) Revisions (If the plugin breaks it needs to be fixed or if something in the plugin needs to be changed.)
(=) Money is paid after the plugin is work as attended.
(=) Each plugin that is created can't be sold outside of us.

We pay for the plugin for our servers specifically Here are helpful links explaining plugins:

If you are truly interested and made it to the bottom of this post I need you to contact me directly in discord
@ OG | NameIdeas#6254 . Please add me and then send me what work you have done in C++ or anything you think is relevant.
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