New Jop

I am 14 years old and looking for a jop i can c + + I live in Germany.
i am interested in the Internet browser programming.

1. You'll have trouble finding a job if you can't spell it. What the hell is a jop?
2. You cannot legally work in the United States and I suspect many countries.
3. Internet Browser Programming? Are you saying web development or developing web browsers?

I wonder how much value this Job forum adds...
ii dont will work for money i intrested for developing from a web browser
Let's be a little more thick skinned please. airtrake is simply looking for a job offer, not very nice to degrade his apperance by stating he can't spell, obviously jop was a typo but we knew that. Good luck in your endeavours airtrake! :)
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mrfaosfx wrote:
not very nice to degrade his apperance by stating he can't spell

How does pointing out posting errors degrade someones appearance? You're not making sense either. A 14 year old kid thinks he will find a C++ job. Even if he was highly proficient in C++, legally he can't work and he lives in Germany. Someone needed to state the obvious for him.
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Hallo airtrake. Was Sie tun müssen, um eine echte bezahlten Job zu bekommen brauchen, ist die Schule gehen für Informatik. Es würde helfen, wenn Sie könnten richtigen Englisch-Kenntnisse sowie.

Hello airtrake. What you need to do to get a real paying job is go to school for computer science. Also it would help if you could use proper English skills.

Hope you enjoy programing. Maybe when you turn 18 I will have a job for you.
Ok Return 0, I need you to return 0 now so we can end lets just forget this even took place!
return 0;
I wonder if there is anyone called WinMain lol
There's an int main... haven't seen him on in a while.
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