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ICAEO Assistant Teacher required

International Consultants of Aviation English Organization offers courses in Aviation English language communication skills for pilots and air traffic controllers, helping students to achieve and maintain a Level 4 according to the ICAO language requirements.

ICAEO Aviation English for Pilots and Aviation English for Controllers is a six-month training program with a core language syllabus designed to develop listening and speaking fluency. The aviation focus is on communication examples from pilot to controller and from pilot to pilot.


Nobai and Gia Lam Airports, Hanoi, Vietnam
(6 month contract)
We are looking for an assistant aviation English language trainer with a proven track record teaching aviation English to pilots and air traffic controllers. ICAEO welcomes unsolicited applications for this position. If you are interested in a freelance position with us and think you have the qualities and qualifications we are looking for;
Please submit your CV on our online forum page at www.icaeo.com AND email your CV with a current photo to icaeo.com@gmail.com if you have the following qualifications:

• TESOL/CELTA/TEFL Certificate
• Native English speaker
• More than three years experience teaching Aviation English
• Prior experience as a pilot or air traffic controller
• Prior experience teaching all the categories needed to achieve ICAO Level 4:

c/o Thomas G. Giglione, Toronto, Canada
Thomas is a Canadian teacher trainer and examiner of English for aeronautical communication. He is the director of a language consultancy www.icaeo.com assisting aviation organizations around the world with the implementation of the ICAO language proficiency requirements.
Thomas is also a pilot and has been working in the field of EFL for 11 years. He has lived and worked in Canada, Latin America, Middle East, China and now currently in Vietnam. He is an experienced English language examiner and works throughout the world delivering aviation English teacher training, rater/interlocutor courses and aviation English communication workshops helping students to achieve and maintain a ICAO Level 4 English language proficiency.
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