Seeking C++ opportunity

I am a recent CS graduate (12/2010). I did well in school, and kept a full time position as a database programmer at a major bank. My position involves developing reporting tools using MS office products.

Now that I have graduated I am seeking employment as a C++ developer, but I am having trouble getting so much as in interview. I would consider myself at the intermediate skill level in C++. If there is anyone out there that would be willing to help me get my foot in the door, I would greatly appreciate it. I would be more than willing to submit school projects that I worked on as well as submit to any testing that would satisfy anxiety that comes with hiring someone with little dev experience.

Any other advice on how exactly to get my first c++ development job would be welcome as well.

If interested I can be contacted at
Hi Johnson,

Good to know that you are looking for the new opportunity in development of C++.

Could you please reply back with your updated CV in word format.

We would like to seek best opportunity for you.

Thanks & regards.

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