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Looking for a C++ dev partner for an iphone/ipad game


I'm a professional graphic designer in Toronto and I'm looking for a part time coder with skills in aeronautic and 3D engine gaming. I want to create a quality retina 3D lite simulation (basic aero physics, cockpit view, landing and take off, real weapons load...) about the Falkands war for iphone and ipad. I already have designed parts of the GUI, some low poly 3D models, the Falklands map, a roadmap of the work to do, a website for the game, 20 detailed missions...

This project is on a free benevolent basis but if this game is ever realised on the appstore, the profit will be equally distributed between the parties involved. Let me know if you're interested.

This cover was originally for a project for the PSP, but With the rising Iphone/ipad market, this game is more suited for it from a dev point of view.

this sounds really interesting but if I remember correctly developing for iphone would mean using objective c?
iPhone Objective-C.

I don't know about US, Android based apps is rising in popularity and it has a much lower TCO in terms of total development effort. It uses Java (the final executable is not Java format though) which already has a large pool of Java-skilled developers to "pull from". So the chance of getting Android developers will be much higher than iPhone which is specialized which also implies higher asking price from iPhone developers.
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