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Serious C/C++ Developers looking to get into the Financial Industry

Attention all C/C++ Developers looking to get into the Financial Industry. I have a client who is a major leader in the financial domain, looking for energetic and passionate C/C++ developers to strengthen their team. They are located in NYC, but if you are located elsewhere in the USA, they will pay for the Face-to-Face interview, AS WELL as relocation expenses if all goes well.

They are offering contract, contract to hire, and Fulltime positions! Please let me know if you are interested, and we can get the ball rolling.

Please forward your resume to:
I am outside from USA but have interesting in developing project using C++. we can work for free or low rate initially. me and one of my friend also there to work with this. we have learned win32 GUI application developing using C++ basically. Knows QT and know to connect database also. we hope by joining with you we can improve our knowledge and can have more experience. i am not request you to join me to this contract but you can join us for another project to get practice with C++. please reply me.
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